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Atlanta Wrongful Death Lawyer

Relentless Advocates for Justice for Your Loved One

At The Schermerhorn Firm, we understand the profound impact of losing a loved one due to someone else’s negligence or wrongdoing. It’s a devastating experience that can leave families grappling with the double impact of emotional turmoil and financial instability at the same time. When you’re faced with such an unimaginable loss, you need a legal team that will fight aggressively to hold the responsible parties accountable and secure the justice and compensation you deserve. Our Atlanta personal injury law firm is committed to being that relentless advocate for you and your family. Contact The Schermerhorn Firm today to speak with a dedicated and compassionate Atlanta wrongful death lawyer.

What Is Wrongful Death?

Wrongful death is a legal claim that family members can bring to seek justice and compensation for the death of a loved one caused by another’s negligence or criminal misconduct or by a defective product. In Georgia, the surviving spouse of the deceased can bring a wrongful death claim, as can the deceased’s parents, adult children, or the person serving as the estate’s personal representatives. Georgia law allows recovery for “the full value of the life of the deceased,” which would be up to a jury to determine if a settlement can’t be worked out. A surviving spouse is guaranteed at least one-third of the settlement amount under Georgia’s wrongful death statute. If there isn’t a surviving spouse or any surviving children, the estate’s personal representative can sue to recover compensation for the financial losses to the estate caused by the death as well as the pain and suffering experienced by the deceased before passing. These amounts would then be distributed to the heirs of the deceased.

As with a personal injury case, the person bringing the wrongful death claim will need to be able to prove the other party’s negligence and fault in causing the death as well as the nature and extent of the damages caused to arrive at a fair settlement. Putting together a successful wrongful death case requires the diligence and skill of an experienced personal injury attorney who will fight to see that justice is done.

Unyielding Pursuit of Justice

Wrongful death claims are not just about seeking financial compensation; they’re about demanding justice for the untimely loss of a cherished life. Our experienced team is dedicated to uncovering the truth, exposing negligence, and ensuring that those responsible are held to account. We employ a tenacious, “no stone unturned” approach to every case, working tirelessly to build a strong, compelling case on your behalf.

Compassionate Support, Aggressive Representation

While we are fierce advocates when dealing with opposing parties, we also provide compassionate support to our clients during this difficult time. We understand the emotional toll that a wrongful death case can take, and we strive to alleviate some of that burden by handling all legal aspects of your claim. Our goal is to allow you to focus on healing and remembering your loved one while we aggressively pursue the compensation you need for funeral expenses, lost income, medical bills, and the pain of losing a family member.

Tailored Strategies for Maximum Compensation

Every wrongful death case is unique, and we tailor our legal strategies to the specific circumstances of your case. Whether it’s a fatal car accident, premises liability, physical assault, or any other form of negligence or misconduct, our team has the expertise to navigate the complexities of your claim. We’re not afraid to take on powerful corporations or insurance companies, and we’ll fight relentlessly to ensure you receive the maximum compensation possible.

A Record of Success You Can Count on

At The Schermerhorn Firm, we’ve amassed a string of successes across the spectrum of personal injury cases large and small in Georgia, including catastrophic injuries and wrongful death. Our aggressive approach and commitment to justice have resulted in substantial settlements for our clients. When you choose us to represent you, you’re choosing a firm that has proven time and again that we can achieve results, even in the most challenging cases.

Let Us Fight for You

If you’ve lost a loved one due to someone else’s negligence, you don’t have to face this battle alone. The Schermerhorn Firm is here to fight for you and your family, every step of the way. Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your wrongful death claim. Let us be your voice in seeking justice and the compensation you deserve.

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